Welcome to the Snail Garden!

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Hello, friends! We're the Snail System, a family of snails working together to experience life as a human. We're very new to making websites (this is our first one), but we want a space to ramble about ourselves and our interests!

Here's some facts about us:

  • We're a plural system. We're not sure how we formed, but we might have something along the lines of OSDD-1b.
  • We're physically 21 years old, our birthday is December 21, 2002.
  • We live in Florida, USA (please get us out of here lmao)
  • Our native language is English, and we want to learn Arabic and ASL
  • Most of us are Muslim, and we wear a hijab in real life
  • We are autistic, and most likely have ADHD
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